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Letter N Shout Out: A Spot the Match Game

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A nice, nifty, neat game for learning the letter N sound. Whether learning letters at school or home, or practicing articulation during speech therapy, N Shout Out is a fun and exciting way to learn as you play. Race to find the one, and only one, match to every other card. Spot it and shout out. The player to collect the most matches first, wins. There are also alternative instructions for playing alone or in large groups (up to 31 players). Children as young as 3 years old can play, but older children, teens and even adults love to play this simply challenging game. Print and play today.

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  • 31 cards in 2 sizes (3” or 5”)
  • 2 optional backings
  • Image Key (chart with all images labeled)
  • Instructions (includes assembly directions and ‘how to play’ instructions.)
  • Gift/Storage Box
Total of 4 PDF documents in 1 ZIP file

Images Included (31 images total):

Nose, note, nail polish, nest, and more.

How to Play

To learn how to play, click here.

Game Assembly

Making the game is simple -- print, cut and play.
  1. Print out front of cards (6 pages) Print in color or black and white. I like to use cardstock to increase durability. If they will be used frequently, then I also like to laminate.
  2. Print desired backing
  3. Cut: use 3” circle punch for circles. Use scissors or paper cutter for square shape.
  4. Play!
Storage: A printable, foldable box is included.

Important Note

To learn more about our digital games and how you are allowed to use them, click here.

All images and fonts used with CU license and permission.
You will get a ZIP (43MB) file

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