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Spring X-Out: A Guess Who or What Game

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Guess what the mystery object is by asking “yes” or “no” questions, then X-Out objects that cannot be the object. Simple to prepare (print and place in page protector or laminate). Or use it on a tablet with the photo/pdf function and a mark-up/pen tool. Fun to play. Great for teaching seasonal vocabulary to young and old, in English or any Foreign Language. All X-Out games help students learn to ask good questions and develop logic and strategy. Students of all ages enjoy playing.

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Skills Focus

  • Language-vocabulary acquisition
  • Speech sound delay/disorder or articulation
  • Pre-reading letter and sound recognition
  • Cognitive development
  • Problem solving
  • Questions
  • Logic


  • 1 Standard Game Board (30 objects)
  • 2 Mini Game Boards (12 objects each)
  • Image Key (chart with all images labeled)
  • Instructions (includes assembly directions and How to Play instructions.)
Total of 1 PDF documents in 1 ZIP file

Images Included (31 images total):

Umbrella, flowers, garden, rainbow, and more.

How to Play

To learn how to play, click here.

Game Assembly

  1. Print 2 copies of the desired game board. (while color printing is preferable, game boards may be printed in grayscale to conserve ink or send home for practice)
  2. Laminate or place in a sheet protector.
  3. Each player needs a dry erase marker. (beans, coins or other small objects may also be used to cover the board)

Important Note

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All images and fonts used with CU license and permission.
You will get a PDF (13MB) file