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How to Play Shout Out

Small Group (2-6 Players)

To play, give one card to each player and place remaining cards in a pile in the center. Each card has one, and only one, match to every other card on the deck. First player to find the match and shout it out, gets to keep the card. Continue until all the cards are gone. Count each player's cards. The player with the most cards wins.


Race the clock to see how fast you can find each match in the deck. Each card has one, and only one match.

  • Take one card and leave the remaining cards in a pile, face up, on the table.
  • Compare your card to the pile.
  • When you find your match, Shout Out and take the card.
  • Continue until the pile is gone.

(Use a stopwatch to find your best time or a set a timer to 2 minutes and finish before time runs out)

Class or Large Group (up to 31 players)

Bingo Style

  • Distribute one card to each player, along with 6 beans or markers.
  • Cut out the squares on the image map page.
  • Pull each square out of the hat and call out the word. If the player has that word, they can mark it on their card.
  • First one to cover all their words and says Shout Out wins!

Watch Shout Out in Action

This shows how a game of Shout Out is played in a small group.

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