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How to Play X-Out

Objective: Guess your mystery object before your opponent guesses theirs.

  1. Each player circles one object in the smaller chart on the left. This is the Mystery Object that their opponent will try to guess.
  2. Starting with the youngest player, each player will take turns asking “yes” or “no” questions to try and figure out the mystery object. For example, they might ask:

            “Is it living?”,

            “Is it red?”, or

            “Do you use it inside the house?"

  1. After your opponent answers, you may be able to eliminate one or more objects. To do so, X-Out the objects by placing an X on the objects which are not your mystery object.
  2. When you have determined your mystery object, use the “yes/no” format on your turn: “Is it _________?” If you are correct, you win!

Speech Therapists

Use to help promote good questions, how to answer questions, categorizing objects, and social interactions. Many X-Out games target specific articulation objectives too. Check out all of the different versions. (More added frequently)

World Language

Print out the image map for each student and have them write the words above the pictures to review. Then play along as listed above. Please see our World Language Translation document to see if the words have already been translated for you to add to your game.


X-Out can reinforce classroom learning. Asking questions and crossing our wrong objects solidifies groups and categories in the student’s mind. Logic and strategy are also learned. Social and communication skills are enhanced. With little preparation or clean up, X-Out is great for classroom centers, an activity for finishing classwork early or other in-class breaks. It may also be used in a photo app that has a writing/pen function to circle and cross off your guesses.

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