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How to Play Left-Out

Small Group (2+ players)

Play in-person with cards or virtually with included PDF. Designate one person to be the judge. Have the judge display the front (brain side) of the card to the players. After a predetermined amount of time (5 seconds or more) flip the card over and show the card (question mark side) to the players. Whichever player can shout out the left-out images first, correctly, receives the card. Continue to do this with the remaining cards in the deck. Each player counts their cards. The player with the most cards wins.


Challenge yourself to correctly remember the left-out images on each card as fast as possible. If you correctly identify the images, move on to the next card. Work through the levels to increase cognitive strength and memory recall.

Class or Large Group Play

Play in-person or virtually with the included PDF. Use the presentation pdf to display the cards. Give players points each time they correctly identify the correct left-out images. This can be played with individual players, teams, or around-the-world style.

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